How to Prepare Your Commercial HVAC System for Summer

A male Custom Aire HVAC service technician checks the pressure on a set of commercial air conditioners outside an apartment complex

Longer days, greener grass, and warmer weather are all signs it’s nearly summer in the Red River Valley. However, this also means high heat and humidity are just around the corner. If you own or operate a building, now is the time to make sure your commercial HVAC system is ready to handle the hot months ahead.   

Let’s dive into three ways you can prepare your facility’s air conditioning unit for summer.

Check Your Air Filters and Ductwork

Proper ventilation is integral for commercial air conditioners to keep your building cool in the summer, as your unit uses your existing ductwork to circulate conditioned air throughout your facility. That’s why it’s important to change your air filters regularly and have your ductwork inspected once a year for excess dust, dirt, and debris that could be reducing airflow.

Clean filters and ductwork allow air to move more efficiently through your system, which leads to healthier indoor air quality, lower risk of breakdowns, and reduced energy bills. 

A dirty air filter and a clean air filter next to one another

Consider the Age of Your Cooling Unit

Some things get better with age, but unfortunately, commercial air conditioners are not one of them. Before the dog days of summer are upon us, consider the age of your unit to determine if it’s time to retrofit or replace your equipment. Air conditioners of all sizes become less efficient over time, but especially industrial units in large commercial facilities that have high foot traffic like hospitals, grocery stores, offices, and restaurants.

If your building’s HVAC system is more than 15 years old, it may be costing you more money to maintain optimal comfort levels for people using your facility. Hire a certified HVAC service technician to inspect your equipment to determine whether a replacement would be more economical for you.

A row of commercial air conditioners outside a brick buildling

Schedule Preventative HVAC Maintenance

We’ve already hinted at routine HVAC maintenance in this article, but that’s just how important it is to have your commercial HVAC system routinely inspected by a professional technician at least once a year. Hiring a service technician to conduct routine maintenance on your system and make small, but necessary adjustments to your equipment will save you money, stress, and time in the long run.

A closeup of a technician’s hands adjusting internal wires of a commercial HVAC system

If it’s been a while since you had your building’s HVAC system serviced, spring is a good time because the service technician can take a look at your commercial heating equipment after it’s worked hard all winter while prepping your building’s air conditioner for summer.

At Custom Aire, we offer a variety of flexible Energy Savings Maintenance Agreements (ESMA) that make it easy to ensure your HVAC system gets the love and attention it deserves for keeping you and your building occupants comfortable all year long. Contact us today to learn more about our ESMA agreements or to schedule a maintenance appointment!

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