5 Reasons Why Demand for HVAC Workers Is Surging

HVAC Technician Installing Air Duct Filter

Each year, the demand for commercial HVAC installers and service technicians continues to rise. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment opportunities for HVAC workers will grow 6 percent from now until 2032. This is two times faster than the growth rate of all other occupations.

Why is there such a surge for skilled heating, cooling, and ventilation workers? We have a few explanations. Let’s get into it!

Why HVAC Workers Are in High Demand

Generational Workforce Shift

A big reason for increased demand of HVAC workers is the generational shift in the labor market. Many experienced installers and service technicians are retiring, which is creating a significant gap in the workforce. For this reason, trade schools and HVAC companies (including Custom Aire) are increasing their efforts to recruit young professionals and retain them with higher salaries, zero student debt, better benefits, paid apprenticeships, and on-the-job training.

Aging Equipment

The average lifespan of HVAC equipment ranges from 15-20 years, depending on the system type and how often it’s maintained. Aging buildings typically have more HVAC system repairs and replacements. It takes years of training to master the technical side of heating, cooling, and ventilation, and learn how these complex systems work. HVAC service technicians are the only professionals who know how to complete these jobs safely and efficiently.

Man adjusting temperature using a tablet with smart home app

Technological Advancements

Another reason for the rising demand for HVAC professionals is the development of advanced technology in the industry. With an increased focus on energy-efficient and eco-friendly equipment, businesses are investing more in smart systems that help reduce their carbon footprints and their utility bills. However, this equipment is not something that can be installed from a YouTube video; it requires a skilled HVAC professional.

Focus on Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality has always been a concern for many business owners, but especially now in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. More companies are installing commercial air purification systems in their buildings to filter out airborne pollutants and keep occupants safe and healthy. HVAC workers play a key role in balancing air quality indoors through regular maintenance and helping businesses navigate air purifier options for their unique circumstances.

Greener HVAC Alternatives

As people become more environmentally conscious, many business managers are investing in greener HVAC options, like electric, solar, or geothermal. The installation and maintenance of these eco-friendly options require HVAC professionals who know these systems inside and out.

An exterior shot of a Custom Aire van parked at a business during a maintenance appointment

HVAC Careers at Custom Aire

With an increased demand for professionals in the trades, now is a great time to consider a career in HVAC. If you don’t yet have experience or schooling, Custom Aire’s four-year paid apprenticeship program is a great place to start! From day one, apprentices start building a solid foundation of knowledge in HVAC while earning a paycheck (and without accruing student debt).

Already been working in HVAC for a while? Custom Aire definitely has a spot for you. We’re always looking for experienced HVAC installers and service technicians to join our team. To view current openings at our company and to learn more about benefits we offer, visit our Careers page!

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