How to Find the Right HVAC Service Company to Maintain Your Commercial System

Two male HVAC technicians inspecting LAARS commercial boilers in an apartment building

Commercial HVAC systems require a great deal of attention to operate efficiently. That’s why it’s important to have a trusted professional HVAC service technician in your corner to regularly service your equipment. In addition to lowering your utility bills and preventing unexpected repairs of your facility’s HVAC system, routine HVAC maintenance ensures your equipment continues to provide the best level of comfort and indoor air quality for building occupants.

Keep reading to learn three qualities business owners should keep in mind when choosing the right HVAC company to perform system maintenance in their buildings.

1. Qualified and Knowledgeable

While there are simple tasks building owners and operators can do on their own, HVAC maintenance is best left to the professionals. Certified, experienced, and insured HVAC service technicians are not only extensively trained in best practices and the latest advancements to properly inspect your equipment; they also know all of the codes, regulations, and standards that need to be met for the system to operate safely.

A highly skilled technician will also get the job done right on the first visit, which saves your business time and money. At Custom Aire, our professional technicians complete an extensive service routine during each visit and keep a detailed record of your unit’s history. This allows your team to stay updated on your HVAC system’s performance and maintenance costs, which can reveal which preventative measures are needed to avoid breakdowns if your HVAC system is older or works harder than others due to a demanding environment.

A male HVAC technician looking down at a blueprint of a commercial HVAC system

2. Available During Emergencies

Commercial HVAC systems can break down at the most inconvenient times. When you need emergency repair services, it’s vital to know a dependable HVAC company that can get you back up and running as quickly as possible – no matter the time of day nor day of the year. Our technicians at Custom Aire are available 24/7 to repair your system and are always in professional uniforms and marked company vehicles for your peace of mind. This high level of professional service is a must-have when seeking the right HVAC company to trust with your system’s repairs.

A white Custom Aire service van parked outside of an apartment building.

3. Offers Custom Maintenance Options

Your building is unique, and your HVAC maintenance should reflect that. Because routine HVAC maintenance is integral for the comfort, health, and safety of your building’s occupants, we recommend signing up for a maintenance program with a professional HVAC company to increase the life of your system, ensure optimal efficiency, and prevent costly breakdowns. Custom Aire proudly offers a variety of Energy Savings Maintenance Agreements that building owners can customize to fit the HVAC maintenance needs of their facilities.

If you have any questions on our commercial HVAC maintenance services or our Energy Savings Maintenance Agreements, contact us today!

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