Tips for Ultimate Thermostat Savings in Winter

Programmable thermostat on a white wall

As the temperature outside changes from cold to outright frigid, its tempting to crank up the heat inside your building to stay warm. However, this also can crank up your energy bill. We at Custom Aire want you to be comfortable throughout the season, while practicing energy-efficient habits. Read our tips for ultimate winter thermostat savings below.

Install a programmable thermostat

Commercial building owners and operators can save up to 10% a year in heating costs by turning their thermostats back 7-10 degrees for eight hours a day from its standard setting. The recommended standard setting for commercial buildings is 68 degrees in the winter to keep costs down. By lowering the interior temperature, your building loses heat more slowly, resulting in an energy bill that stretches your dollars further.

The best time to set the temperature back is at night, or whenever the building is not occupied. You can adjust the temperature in your building automatically year-round by installing a programmable thermostat, which turns your furnace on and off according to a set schedule. In addition to saving you money, programmable thermostats also optimize the efficiency of your existing HVAC equipment.

A programmable thermostat on a gray brick wall

If you want to take temperature control even further, we recommend RedLINK Wireless Comfort Systems a convenient form of technology that allows you to monitor your buildings comfort levels anywhere, any time through an app on your phone, laptop, or tablet. Learn more about RedLINK technology here.

Ensure proper air flow

An easy way to save money on heating costs in your building is to make sure your vents are clear of furniture and other items. Blocked vents prohibit your HVAC system from doing its job properly and can take as much as 25% more energy to heat a room. Rearrange the furniture in your building if needed to keep vents clear, and check that outdoor furnace vents are free of snow or other debris. Additionally, keep desks, couches, chairs, and other furniture that people use every day away from drafty windows and doors, so all building inhabitants stay comfortable.

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Schedule regular HVAC maintenance appointments

Programmable thermostats and proper air flow are only effective if your HVAC system is in top shape. Thats why its important to have a certified HVAC technician inspect your equipment at least once a year to make sure there are no potential issues, like clogged air filters and leaky ductwork. Much like check-up exams at the doctor, regular preventativemaintenance appointments decrease unexpected problems and increase the lifespan of your equipment.

An HVAC technician performs a maintenance check

At Custom Aire, we offer flexible Energy Savings Maintenance Agreements (ESMA) that are customized according to your needs and budget. Contact us to request a proposal today!

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