Safety and Your HVAC Contractor – 3 Keys to Consider

Focus on Safety

Why is it important to hire an HVAC contractor, or any contractor for that matter, who is focused on safety? There are many things to keep in mind when searching for the right HVAC contractor, but here are what we feel are the top three.

Keeping Workers Safe

First and foremost, an HVAC company with a focus on safety strives to make sure everyone goes home the way they came to work. A good company has a strong emphasis on employee well-being and puts a high priority on preserving the standards set by the HVAC industry. With that said, employee health and safety should always be the number one priority at any company, and especially in workplaces where the risk of injuries is higher.

Cost of Injuries

Have you ever considered the cost of injuries and how it affects the bottom line? Probably not, and thats why it’s next on our list. According to the National Safety Council, the direct cost of an average work-related injury is $38,000. Whats more, the indirect costs up to four times more than the direct cost are rarely accounted for, and the amount of revenue needed to recoup these costs is hefty.

Take a look at this example of costs for a worker who suffers a work-related injury covered by Workers Compensation. Estimated Indirect Costs include loss of time, decreased productivity, and retraining in the future.

Now let’s see how much revenue would be required to offset this cost using a 10% profit margin (you can use this handy tool to calculate any scenario):

Revenue Required to Offset Cost of Injury

When choosing an HVAC contractor, you’ll notice that bid packages today often include incident rates and experience modification rates (EMR), so you can make educated decisions on what companies are best to work with and which ones are putting a high priority on the safety of their workers. Selecting companies with better rates helps ensure work is going to those who focus on improving the overall level of safety in the industry. So, the real bottom line is that HVAC contractors who are safety-minded help to ensure project costs are kept down.

Safety Culture

The final item on our top-three list is the overall safety culture in the construction industry and how it helps to ensure that everyone on the job is staying safe and healthy.

We’ve seen a positive shift in the evolution of a safety culture in the construction industry to gain a deeper understanding of safety processes and the implementation of training initiatives to help keep workers safe. There are numerous programs and agencies (OSHA, ANSI, NIOSH) in place that provide training initiatives to work towards eliminating job site hazards and reducing the number of work-related injuries.

Construction drawings themselves now feature safety plans embedded directly into them, so that safety is a top priority from the concept of the building all the way through the construction process. This, coupled with the dedication of all team members to prioritize safety on the jobsites, helps to enhance the industrys safety culture.

HVAC TechnicianWhile a big part of the safety record a company holds relies on the individual workers themselves ensuring that they follow company policies and maintain a high level of awareness at the jobsites, an even larger level of responsibility lies on the company to ensure that proper procedures are in place and the highest standards are required to be met.

It is a team effort that calls for the commitment of everyone within the company to work together towards the complete elimination of hazards and injuries on the job, and with the advancements in recent years, the goal of zero jobsite incidents is becoming a reality.

At Custom Aire, we put a high priority on the safety and well-being of our employees, looking out for each other and working as one unit to ensure the safest possible practices are brought to each jobsite and industry standards are kept at the forefront of all jobs. To learn more and discuss how we can bring our level of safety-focused services to your project, contact us today.