Benefits of Retrofitting Commercial HVAC Equipment

HVAC duct work in the ceiling of a building

No matter how well commercial HVAC systems are maintained, eventually their components need to be replaced. Reduced efficiency, higher energy bills, and more frequent maintenance than usual are some signs that the HVAC equipment in your commercial building is wearing out.

If this is the case for your facility, it may be time to consider retrofitting your existing HVAC system, as it is more budget-friendly than complete replacement. But is it worth the investment? Read below to learn about the benefits of retrofitting your commercial HVAC equipment and other important information to consider about the process.

Benefits of Retrofits

Improved energy efficiency

Increased efficiency is a major reason facility owners opt to retrofit existing HVAC systems in their commercial buildings. According to a study conducted for the U.S. Department of Energy, commercial building operators can save an average of 38% in HVAC energy costs with retrofit technologies. This is because your equipment uses less energy to operate the unit, resulting in lower utility bills that make retrofitting worth the investment in the long run if your HVAC system is regularly maintained.

Better indoor air quality

Another benefit of retrofits in your commercial building is improved indoor air quality. Upgraded equipment traps harmful pollutants in the air like dust, dirt, chemical emissions, mold, bacteria, and viruses more thoroughly, which keeps your building occupants healthy and productive. Balanced humidity levels also protect your building from damage.

Less maintenance

When properly maintained, commercial HVAC units have an average life span of 15-25 years. However, as systems begin to reach the end of their service lives, maintenance requirements (and costs) inevitably increase to keep the unit operable. Retrofits to your existing unit extend the life of your HVAC system and reduce the risk of unplanned maintenance services.

Other Points to Ponder

Consult with the Pros

When considering retrofits for your commercial building, make sure to analyze your maintenance records and assess whether your HVAC equipment is properly meeting the requirements of their application. If you find your system is underperforming, it is crucial to partner with professionals like Custom Aire who have the necessary skill and experience to optimize your HVAC equipment.

Consider other building updates

Take a step back and examine the whole building in addition to the HVAC system. Are there upcoming plans for additional updates, such as lighting systems or energy-efficient window installations? Taking all updates throughout the building into consideration when working with your HVAC professional will ensure you are setting the proper priorities for the system and planning for the workload that will be required.

Cooperate with building occupants

HVAC retrofit plans should accommodate building occupants as much as possible. Depending upon the level of service or upgrades needed, retrofits can be disruptive and interfere with heating or air conditioning services, potentially resulting in uncomfortable working conditions for people in the building. In some cases, temporary relocation may be required, so it is vital to coordinate with occupants to create a solid schedule that works for both parties.

To learn more about retrofit solutions and how they can benefit your facility, contact us at Custom Aire today.

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