3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional for Commercial HVAC Maintenance

A male HVAC technician inspects the inner wires of a commercial boiler

If you’re a handy person, we understand it is tempting to reach for your toolbox to save money when the HVAC system in your business shuts down. However, because HVAC is a complex industry that requires years of training to master, it is best to hire a certified technician for HVAC maintenance and repairs.

Let’s dive into three reasons why business owners should leave HVAC inspections to the pros, as well as some simple maintenance tasks you can do to care for your building’s HVAC system in between professional maintenance appointments. 


At Custom Aire, safety is our top priority for our clients and employees. Heating, ventilation, and cooling equipment involves hazardous chemicals, flammable gases, high electrical voltage, and toxic fumes that endanger the lives of anyone who attempts to fix their own HVAC system without proper training. HVAC technicians know how to work safely with these hazards to fix your equipment and prevent future problems.

Special Tools

HVAC repair requires specific gadgets that are not found in an ordinary toolbox to find and fix the issue. Using improper tools to tamper with your HVAC system could cause expensive damage to your equipment, or even put your life in danger. Commercial heating and cooling systems are also much more complex than residential systems, so hiring a professional technician who is equipped with the proper tools and knowledge will ensure the job is done right.

Equipment Efficiency

HVAC systems operate less efficiently when they are improperly maintained, or not maintained enough. Professional HVAC technicians will inspect every component of your equipment to optimize system efficiency, which means lower energy bills for business owners and better comfort and indoor air quality for building occupants.

At Custom Aire, our technicians do a 37-point inspection at every maintenance appointment and offer a range of Energy Savings Maintenance Agreements that accommodate your system, schedule, and budget to keep your equipment in top shape year-round. 

Safe and Simple DIY Maintenance Tips

If you want to take an active role in caring for the HVAC system in your building, there are a few tasks you can do in between professional maintenance appointments to extend the life of your equipment and save money in the long run:

One of the most important tasks on this list is signing up for a planned maintenance schedule. Preventative maintenance by a certified HVAC technician at least once a year will keep the HVAC system in your building in top condition and reduce the likelihood of emergency repairs.

To learn more about our Energy Savings Maintenance Agreements or other commercial HVAC services, contact our team today!

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