HVAC Maintenance 101: How to Save Money and Increase Efficiency

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How often should you service your HVAC system? The answer depends on your business. Every commercial building is different from facility size and equipment age to volume of foot traffic and type of work performed on the property.

If you’re a small- to medium-sized office, a good rule of thumb is to have maintenance services at least twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall. Businesses like restaurants or retail spaces with more foot traffic may need more frequent inspections on a monthly or quarterly basis.

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Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance appointments help to prepare the equipment in your building for its busiest months ahead, and check over everything before it becomes inactive for a long period of time. For example, in the spring, it is prudent to have your air conditioner inspected before the hot, humid summer months, and to look over your furnace after it’s been running non-stop through the cold winter season.

Routine servicing of your HVAC system will help you in many ways, including:

HVAC System Health

Your system will experience many benefits when you have a trusted expert regularly service your HVAC unit. Upkeep of your system can often catch potential issues before they become big problems, helping you to avoid untimely breakdowns and allowing your system to have a longer lifespan.


When your HVAC unit is taken care of on a regular basis, your service technician is able to help ensure your system is operating at the highest level of efficiency possible. A more efficient system means your equipment can avoid wasting energy, function longer and help keep costs to a minimum.


Maintenance can help your business save money, too. When you invest in preventative maintenance service, you will keep unexpected, costly emergency repairs down or completely eliminated. Additionally, utility costs are reduced when your system is able to operate at peak efficiency.

Indoor Air Quality

The health of the people in your building is important. Indoor air quality plays a huge role in the overall health of a building and, therefore, its occupants. Routine maintenance inspections can help to ensure you are doing everything you can, as a building manager or owner, to maintain and improve your indoor air quality.

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Implementing Your Custom Service Schedule

Now that you know how regular maintenance services can help your business what’s next? Find a professional HVAC technician you trust and work with them to create a maintenance schedule that works for your business and budget.

At Custom Aire, our skilled service team works closely with each individual business to make a custom schedule and program that fits your building and budget with our Energy Saving Maintenance Agreements. To learn more about how our preventative maintenance services can save you money, increase energy efficiency and help your system live longer, contact us today.

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