Our Core Values at Custom Aire

A graphic displaying Custom Aire’s core values

“Core values” is a term used often within businesses and organizations across all industries, but what exactly does it mean?

As individuals, we all have personal values that act as a roadmap for the decisions we make every day. Whether we learn these values from our loved ones or on our own, they influence our behavior, our attitudes, and our beliefs. In essence, values make us who we are.

When you are surrounded by people who share your values, good things happen. That’s why it’s important for businesses of all sizes to articulate their company’s core values so they can provide a solid framework for how they conduct business with customers, communicate as a team, or recruit new employees.

However, core values are not descriptions of the work businesses do or the strategies they use to accomplish their missions. Rather, they are the practices that companies should use every day in everything they do. While businesses are always evolving to adapt to modern technology and market demand, core values are constant. They provide the stable foundation for businesses to build, grow, and prosper.

At Custom Aire, our core values include:

Let’s dive a little deeper into each of these core values and why they matter for our commercial HVAC company.


Our first core value at Custom Aire is “craftsmanship,” which is defined as “the quality of design and work shown in something made by hand.” People who practice craftsmanship spend many years perfecting their skills, eventually becoming experts in their field. It’s a lifelong discipline of doing what you love and doing it right.

With over 150 years of combined experience, our team at Custom Aire lives this value by striving to provide exceptional HVAC installation and maintenance services for our clients, and to fabricate high-quality products for their commercial HVAC systems in our sheet metal fabrication shop.

Our founder, Dale Boettner, believed in the power of solid craftsmanship. He used to say that when you see it, feel it, and experience it, “you know it” and these words continue to inspire our employees in their work every day.


While craftsmanship is about “doing what you love and doing it right,” our second core value, “integrity,” is about doing what is right in our daily operations. That means being honest, fair, and transparent about the best possible commercial HVAC solutions for our customers. These good ethics result in strong relationships built on trust, both internally and externally.

Ownership Thinking

Custom Aire is an employee-owned company, which is where our core value “ownership thinking” comes into play. Ownership is often defined as the “act, state, or right of possessing something.” However, we interpret the word “ownership” as being accountable for our actions, presenting solutions to problems, and looking for innovative ways to improve our operations and our products so we can stand out among our competition. We encourage our employees to always think like owners, because if they take advantage of our Employee Stock Ownership Program, they are partial owners of our company.

A photo of an open notebook that says “Employee Stock Ownership Plan”

Ever Leading

We are all familiar with the two words “ever” and “leading.” Separately, these words may not stand out, but when we bring the two terms together to make our core value “ever leading,” it becomes a powerful statement about the high standards we hold ourselves to so we can continue to be leaders in our industry through research, innovation, and implementation of advanced industry practices and safety methods. In doing so, our experts can present the most cutting-edge, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly HVAC solutions to our commercial clients.


Custom Aire’s final core value, and the top priority among our employees, is “safety”. Because HVAC and the construction industry go hand in hand, we require our team to follow strict industry safety standards so they can go home to their families the same way they came to work. This value also encompasses the overall well-being of our employees, which is why we offer competitive health benefits, including full family health coverage for qualified employees. We believe in looking out for one another, both on the job site and on the home front.

Putting Our Core Values into Action

As with any company, our crew at Custom Aire has many other values, but articulating these five core values of craftsmanship, integrity, ownership thinking, ever leading, and safety for our team helps us stay accountable and put our best foot forward in the commercial HVAC industry. If you are a company with similar values looking for HVAC solutions for your business, or if you have experience in HVAC and are looking for a fresh start in your career, contact us today to learn how we can work together.

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