5 Great Qualities We Look For in an HVAC Service Tech

HVAC technician servicing equipment

Like to work with your hands? Are you good at solving problems? Want to work in an essential industry? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, consider a career as an HVAC service technician!
Commercial HVAC service technicians are essential to maintaining the temperature, air quality, and energy efficiency in businesses of all sizes. HVAC is a hands-on, rewarding industry where demand for workers is high. People from all backgrounds can learn the necessary skills to do the job through training. However, there are also key personality traits that can help HVAC service technicians achieve success in the field.
As an employee-owned commercial HVAC company, Custom Aire is always looking for talented, hardworking people to join our team. Here’s a look at five great qualities we desire in an HVAC service technician.

5 Desirable Traits for HVAC Service Techs

A male Custom Aire HVAC service technician inspects a LAARS commercial boiler in the mechanical room of an apartment building

1. Interested in Electrical or Mechanical Systems

The first basic trait that any HVAC service technician should have is an interest in electrical or mechanical systems. You’ll work with these components every day, so appreciating how they work can help boost your job satisfaction. It also motivates you to stay up to date on new technology and innovations. This helps ensure that your team provides the best service to your customers.

2. Likes Hands-On Work

Any commercial HVAC job requires plenty of hands-on work. Since their job focuses on maintaining and repairing commercial HVAC systems, much of an HVAC service technician’s day is spent handling various tools and equipment to complete the job. This provides a sense of accomplishment when you see tangible results of your work at the end of the day.

3. Good at Solving Problems

Another important trait of any successful HVAC service technician is the ability to solve problems quickly and accurately. Every commercial building is different and presents its own unique set of challenges. Problem solvers in the HVAC field are skilled at finding creative solutions that keep customers safe and comfortable year-round. They also know how to identify and resolve small issues before they become a larger, more expensive fix.

4. Self-Motivated

The HVAC world requires people who can manage their schedule and stay organized. Many days involve multiple appointments and calls from customers. Other days consist of following up with customers and parts suppliers to get quotes or repairs done in a timely manner. It’s essential for service technicians to practice self-discipline and arrive promptly to every job site to keep your customers and teammates happy.

HVAC Service Technician working on HVAC system

5. Wants to Learn

Every HVAC service technician has to start somewhere. Most service technicians receive certification from a trade school. However, no matter where they gained their knowledge, this is only the beginning of their education. HVAC technology and systems are always evolving. Ongoing professional development helps workers become more proficient at their craft. The best HVAC service technicians continuously seek out and take advantage of learning opportunities. Doing so enables them to provide their customers with high-quality service every time.

Careers at Custom Aire

If you have any of the personal qualities listed in this article and are looking for a new job opportunity, consider joining our team at Custom Aire! In addition to competitive pay and benefits, our company also offers professional development and employee stock ownership opportunities.
To learn more about career opportunities at Custom Aire, contact us today!

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