Custom Aire Now Providing Full-Family Health Coverage for Experienced Employees

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As an employee-owned company, Custom Aire is always looking for ways to better support our staff members and grow our team, while staying true to our core values.

We are proud to announce that our company is expanding our health benefits to full-family coverage for employees in all departments who have at least nine years of professional experience.

Custom Aire hopes this generous benefit will help retain and recruit talented people to our team, especially experienced HVAC service technicians and sheet metal craftsmen, both positions for which Custom Aire is currently seeking applications.

Providing full-family healthcare coverage for eligible employees shows our initiative “to look out for one another on the job and at home,” says Clarke Molter, director of Human Resources at Custom Aire.

“Construction and other trades are inherently mobile, but if we find good employees, we want to hang on to them,” Molter says. “The goal is to retain our current employees that understand our values and our company so we can provide and maintain quality service to our clients.”

A male Custom Aire sheet metal fabrication technician measures a piece of sheet metal in the company’s fab shop

Custom Aire currently maintains a staff of 50 dedicated employees with a variety of working experience, some of whom have been with us since we opened our doors in 1978, while others are just starting their careers through our Sheet Metal Apprenticeship Program.

As we grow our team, Custom Aire is looking to add workers who have at least nine years of professional experience under their tool belts to further diversify our team and bolster our overall wealth of skills and technical knowledge within the company. This ensures we maintain high standards of craftsmanship, quality, performance, and safety while giving us an opportunity to learn new perspectives that could help improve our processes in the ever-evolving world of HVAC.

Custom Aire offers generous health insurance to all employees based on level of experience. However, the company offers full-family health benefits once employees become eligible.

Additional Benefits

Another benefit of working at Custom Aire is the opportunity to join our robust Employee Stock Ownership Program one year after starting on our team, among the other benefits that are listed on our Careers page.

A male Custom Aire HVAC service technician checks the pressure on a set of commercial air conditioners outside an apartment complex

Our employees take a lot of pride in what they do. Custom Aire is always looking for individuals who are driven by quality and are willing to put in the effort to grow their careers. More information on Custom Aire’s history, values, and philosophy are available on our About page. If you share these values and have experience in HVAC, visit our Careers page to apply today!

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