4 Things to Know About Geothermal Energy

Two Thermometers connected by blue to red Line with words Geothermal

An important part of being a local industry leader in mechanical construction is to be environmentally responsible. Geothermal energy is an excellent way to accomplish this and has increasingly become more important on commercial building projects looking to save on energy costs, achieve prestigious LEED statuses and reduce environmental impact.

What is geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy is a clean and sustainable resource that is stored beneath the Earths surface almost anywhere in the world.

Source: U.S. Department of Energy

Whether you are a commercial mechanical contractor, or simply an environmentally conscious citizen, going geothermal is an important technology to consider that can be an excellent addition to any project.

Here are four things to know about geothermal energy:

1. Geothermal energy reduces pollution.

Geothermal energy produces very little pollution. This is because geothermal energy releases hot water and steam from deep within the Earth, which isnt harmful to the environment, unlike fossil fuels and nuclear energy, which produce emissions like CO2.

2. Geothermal energy is sustainable.

Geothermal energy is a sustainable resource, because the Earth has been emitting heat for billions of years. As long as there is precipitation, we have sustainable geothermal energy!

3. Geothermal energy saves money.

Because geothermal technology uses little electricity and no fossil fuels, heating and cooling costs are reduced up to 70% annually after initial investments.

Using geothermal energy can also earn your building LEED status, which deems you an active participant in the green building movement. Geothermal systems can also qualify for rebates and tax credits.

4. Geothermal energy benefits the local economy.

Geothermal energy is locally produced, which reduces the amount of foreign oil imports and boosts rural economies.

To learn more about geothermal technology and how it could be the right fit for your project, contact our team at Custom Aire today!

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