Finding the Best HVAC Contractor for Your Commercial Construction Project

A crane lifting a commercial air conditioner to the roof of the Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative building in Williston, ND

When starting a new commercial construction project, an integral part of the process for facility owners and operators is choosing what type of HVAC system to install.

Commercial HVAC systems maintain comfortable temperatures and healthy indoor air quality for everyone in your building year-round. However, with so many different types of equipment, efficiency levels, costs, and reviews, the options can feel overwhelming – especially since commercial HVAC systems are much larger and more complex than the heating and cooling systems in our homes.

That’s why it’s important to find an experienced, professional, and qualified commercial HVAC contractor who will guide you through choosing a system that will work best for your building, your business, and your budget.

Let’s dive into three qualities that are important to consider when finding an HVAC contractor who you can trust to install your HVAC equipment and maintain your system for years to come.


HVAC – which stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning – is incredibly technical. For this reason, you will want to work with a professional contractor with in-depth knowledge of all facets of the ever-changing HVAC industry.

When exploring an HVAC contracting company, inquire about the years of combined experience on the team. Have they been doing this work for many years, or are they brand new to the game? Saving a few dollars to hire a less experienced person for the job rather than a team of qualified professionals can cost you more money, time, and stress in the long run.

An HVAC professional stands on a ladder to install ductwork during the construction of a building

Whether your needs are complete mechanical, design-build, design-assist, or plan and spec, our team at Custom Aire has decades of combined experience to get the job done right. Because we’ve been part of the HVAC industry since 1978, our overall knowledge and experience will ensure that the system in your business is installed with the best tools, technology, and processes available to achieve optimum system performance.


To operate effectively, every part of your commercial HVAC system needs to be fabricated and installed with the utmost care. In other words, your contractor should live and breathe the term “craftsmanship,” which is one of our core values at Custom Aire. The best craftsmen have a keen attention to detail, show pride in their work, and exude passion for creating quality products for their clients.

Precise craftsmanship in HVAC matters because even the smallest leak in your ductwork or poor installation can cause your system to work harder to accommodate the heating or cooling load demanded of the equipment. This inefficient operation can lead to higher energy bills and unexpected breakdowns.

Custom Aire is proud to have one of the largest state-of-the-art sheet metal fabrication shops in the region, along with a team of experienced sheet metal craftsmen ready to create custom ductwork and other products that are properly designed and fitted for your building’s HVAC system. As we say among our team regarding craftsmanship, “When you see it, feel it, and experience it, you’ll know it.”

Quality Service

Throughout a construction project, your HVAC contractor should not only build a system that will last – they should also build a trustworthy relationship with your team through quality service and commitment to project success. This means keeping you updated on progress, offering high-quality products, suggesting modifications, coordinating with other trades, and following safety protocols throughout the installation process.

A good contractor will also continue your relationship upon completion of the project. HVAC systems require routine maintenance to operate efficiently and prevent unexpected breakdowns, so consider a company that offers a variety of maintenance options for your building, schedule, and budget.

An HVAC technician performs a maintenance check

At Custom Aire, we provide a range of flexible Energy Savings Maintenance Agreements to keep inspections of your equipment up to date. Whether you maintain your building’s HVAC system annually or every quarter, our expert service technicians will be there to address potential issues, answer your questions, and make sure your system is in tip-top shape.

Finding the Best Fit

Experience, craftsmanship, and quality service are only three of many other traits every HVAC contractor should have, but how do you figure out if a contractor fits the bill? We recommend doing the following:

To learn more about the commercial HVAC installation, sheet metal, or maintenance services that Custom Aire has to offer, contact our team today!

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