How Properly Sized Ductwork Enhances Your Commercial HVAC System

Air ducts may not be something people think about often, but if you own or operate a commercial building, ductwork is an integral part of your HVAC equipment. Before central HVAC systems became mainstream in the early 20th century, people needed to stay close to a heat source to survive cold winters and cooling options in the hot summer months came along decades later. Thanks to air ducts, building occupants get to feel comfortable all year long, in any room in the conditioned space of your building. Continue reading “How Properly Sized Ductwork Enhances Your Commercial HVAC System”

Benefits of Retrofitting Commercial HVAC Equipment

No matter how well commercial HVAC systems are maintained, eventually their components need to be replaced. Reduced efficiency, higher energy bills, and more frequent maintenance than usual are some signs that the HVAC equipment in your commercial building is wearing out. Continue reading “Benefits of Retrofitting Commercial HVAC Equipment”

Why Humidity Still Matters to Your Building in the Winter

Humidity may seem like a strange topic to talk about in the winter, as it’s usually associated with the sunshine and warmth of summer. However, humidity is an important factor for building owners and operators to consider year-round. If humidity is not balanced properly indoors, it can adversely affect your building’s condition and make occupants unhealthy. The key to finding this balance lies in your HVAC equipment. Allow us at Custom Aire to explain why humidity still matters to your building in winter.
Continue reading “Why Humidity Still Matters to Your Building in the Winter”