How BIM Technology is Changing the Game for the Construction Industry

A man standing at a construction site with safety vest and iPad using BIM software.

In every industry across the world, technology is changing the way things are done. From advancements in medicine to how you watch TV, tech has made great improvements possible.

How has technology affected the construction industry? Enter: Building Information Modeling (BIM).

What is BIM?

BIM is a process using 3D representations of a structure and its functioning systems to design, construct and operate a building on a completely digital scale. Its like having an interactive blueprint, project management system and virtual building walk-through in the palm of your iPad-holding hand.

What has this meant for construction? Entire projects can now be digitized, from design and groundbreaking stages to project management and trade coordination, improving the overall building process.

What are the benefits of BIM?

Efficiency on a project is taken to a whole new level with BIM. A strong focus on coordination of all trades throughout the entire building process ensures that the efficiency is considerably improved across the planning, design and construction stages.

With a completely digital system, trades are able to get a step-by-step visual of how the entire project will come to fruition. The result? A streamlined building process that allows every industry involved to identify potential issues and correct them before they happen.

Architects can enhance their design decisions for improved performance. The collaboration and coordination of mechanical, electrical and plumbing are greatly enhanced, optimizing plans for site material delivery, reduction of waste, and organization of equipment installation schedules.

These improvements eliminate rework, which can be one of the biggest challenges for keeping a project on timeline and within budget.

Why should you care?

BIM is changing the game for how our communities are built. This innovative shift in the industry improves building processes considerably to enhance workflow from start to finish. Improved building performance, optimized project timelines, avoidance of rework all help to eliminate waste of energy and resources, while saving time and money.

From architect and mechanical contractor to building owner or facility manager, BIM can improve the way you work and operate.

To learn more about BIM and how it can improve your next project, contact us at Custom Aire today.

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