State of the Industry: How Companies Are Shifting to Earn While You Learn


Industries with skilled trades workers are experiencing a shortage of employees. Plenty of positions are available, yet few are being filled – why?

A couple of things are happening. First, the baby boomers are leaving the workforce. This generation has over 76 million people, many of whom account for a large portion of skilled trades professionals. As they near retirement, millions of positions in the craft fields are left vacant.

Second, younger generations entering the workforce are opting for career avenues that are different from skilled trades such as construction, electrical and carpentry. The high demand for skilled trades workers and the lack of a replenished workforce have caused a serious shift in the projected future of these industries.

Man teaching two younger men a trade skill.

While filling positions in these fields has proved to be a challenge in the last few years, it has also led companies to develop more career advancement options for employees. An increasing number of programs such as mentorships, trade school scholarships and apprenticeships are being offered. These alternatives to the traditional four-year college degree provide an extremely beneficial way for job seekers to earn while they learn.

At Custom Aire, we have a sheet metal apprenticeship program that allows participants to receive an education while they work for a paycheck. Through a National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) curriculum, apprentices can learn through a combination of hands-on training and classroom learning from a team of highly trained and experienced experts that already work in the field.

Learn about the skilled trades as a career or how to join our apprenticeship program; contact us today.

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