How to Save Money and Increase Energy in Your Commercial Building

HVAC technician holding and looking at red and blue gauges while servicing commercial HVAC equipment.

Looking for ways to conserve energy in your office and maximize your business budget? A good place to start is your operational system, the backbone of your building.

Bad news – your heating and cooling system accounts for a fair portion of your energy bills. Good news – regular maintenance can help keep utility costs down and increase equipment life, to lower your overall operating costs.

Why is HVAC maintenance important?

Regular preventative maintenance appointments from a trusted expert help to:

Benefits of Scheduled Maintenance

Implementing a professional preventative maintenance program reduces unexpected downtime while increasing equipment life and reliability. For example, at Custom Aire, we offer customers Energy-Savings Maintenance Agreements (ESMAs).

With scheduled maintenance plans like these, your facility can experience increased efficiency up to 15-20% less energy use and reduced operational costs. Additionally, scheduled maintenance offers optimal comfort levels that provide a productive environment for employees and improved comfort for an enhanced customer experience.

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How often should you have your HVAC system serviced?

The answer varies based on different factors, such as:

  • Age and condition of equipment
  • Size of your building
  • How many people occupy the space
  • What type of work is conducted in the facility

If you’re a small office of 10 people that uses basic office equipment and requires general heating and cooling Monday through Friday, your needs are going to be much different from a restaurant with a full kitchen open seven days a week that employs 50 people and serves hundreds of customers on a daily basis.

We like to break it down for our customers with three different options for our ESMAs:

Two-tone green circle with the number 1 at center. Text reads 2x per year - spring and fall - listing which seasons the HVAC equipment would be serviced with an Energy Savings Maintenance Agreement.

Recommended for small business buildings.

It is strongly recommended to have your HVAC units examined by an expert at least twice a year to keep your system running optimally. This bi-annual schedule may be the better option for your business if you’re a small company that needs something basic.

At Custom Aire, we advise preventative maintenance appointments for spring and fall at a minimum. This allows a professional technician to thoroughly evaluate your systems before and after their hardest-working months A/C in summer, heater in winter.

These planned maintenance appointments help ensure your HVAC equipment is running at peak efficiency to prevent untimely and expensive emergency repairs and keep utility costs to a minimum, and for safe, reliable operation year-round.

Two-tone blue circle with the number 2 at center. Text reads 4x per year - spring, summer, fall, winter - listing which seasons the HVAC equipment would be serviced with an Energy Savings Maintenance Agreement.

Recommended for medium business buildings.

If your commercial facility is a bit larger, holds more people and requires a more robust supply of cooling or heating, you may want to consider a maintenance plan that offers more attention throughout the year.

For example, maybe you have a workforce of 30-50 people and a large roomful of computer equipment that requires cooling above and beyond the average office. This type of facility may need more frequent attention, because your HVAC unit has to work harder than that of a small-sized building, and a quarterly service plan may be better suited to your needs.

Typically, with a quarterly maintenance agreement, businesses receive extensive and thorough HVAC system checks and cleanings in spring and fall, with additional quality control checks in the summer and winter seasons.

This helps to do everything a bi-annual plan does but allows your trusted expert to keep a closer eye on your system to ensure that optimal levels of energy-efficiency, indoor air quality and the like are on track throughout the entire year.

Multi-red colored circle with the number 3 at center. Text reads custom.

Monthly maintenance recommended for large business buildings and corporations.

If your commercial space has constant foot traffic, a large workforce and ample square footage, your maintenance plan may require visits on a more frequent basis. Work with your trusted HVAC professional to build a plan that is completely customized to the needs of your facility, occupants and budget.

At Custom Aire, we understand that every business’s needs are unique, and we offer flexible, custom maintenance agreement options to accommodate this.

With our Energy Savings Maintenance Agreements (ESMAs), we are able to provide our expertise in maintenance to your HVAC system on a timeline and budget that works best for you. Contact us to learn more today.

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