Benefits of the Evolution® Series: Part 1 – Air Conditioners

Choosing the perfect air conditioning unit for your commercial building can be challenging. There are many factors to consider, from comfort and efficiency to performance and budget. At Custom Aire, our team of professionals takes each of these into careful consideration when recommending the perfect unit for each unique facility.

If you’re a light commercial building owner looking for the highest level of comfort for your space, one of the top-rated products we offer customers is the Bryant® Evolution® system air conditioners. These systems are a great fit for several reasons, including:

Energy Management

Efficiency is a high priority when it comes to operating your commercial building. With the variable-speed air conditioners from Bryant®, the high level of energy efficiency provided does not compromise the comfort of your building occupants. How efficiently your air conditioner uses electricity to provide cooling is referred to as the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). With up to 21 SEER ratings on some air conditioner models, you can rest assured that your energy consumption is kept to a minimum while in turn keeping your operating and utility costs down.

Comfort Management

The comfort of your commercial building occupants is an important factor to consider for all building owners and managers. Air conditioners with multi-stage capabilities provide a more consistent indoor temperature, to ensure optimal comfort levels are continuously delivered throughout your building. What’s more, the intelligent comfort control and management systems available today provide you with incredibly convenient features like easy-to-use touch-screens and wireless access to temperatures, humidity levels, ventilation and more.

Humidity Management

Too much or too little humidity in your commercial building can affect the health of its occupants and damage furnishings and components of the structure. From sore throats and static electricity caused by dry air when your heating system is active, to warped wood furnishings and expedited growth of mold, mildew and viruses when humidity is high during cooling seasons, humidity management is essential to your building’s health.

With the Perfect Humidity option from Bryant®, avoiding these potential issues and providing your facility with superior comfort year-round is made simple. Standard systems humidify while heating and dehumidify while cooling. The Perfect Humidity system takes this a step further by assessing what your building needs and automatically adjusting to provide the best comfort possible, independent of heating or cooling demands.

Sound Management

Loud operation of your air conditioning system can be an unwelcome disturbance. Evolution® variable-speed air conditioners take quiet to a whole new level, utilizing sound-deadening features with the AeroQuiet™ System. Low-stage cooling capabilities that can operate down to 25% result in ultra-quiet performance through improved airflow and vibration management.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade the current system at an existing commercial facility or seeking a recommendation for what would best suit a new construction project, our team of experts is in place to help you find the perfect fit. Contact Custom Aire to see how we can help your building have the energy and comfort results you’re looking for today.

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