10 Years of ESOP: How Employee Ownership Contributes to Company Growth

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Since 2011, Custom Aire has proudly been an employee-owned commercial HVAC company that offers all team members the opportunity to join our Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) six months from their start date.

This means that employees who sign up for our ESOP are more than just names on our payroll; they are partial owners of the business, who have a stake in our success and a seat at the table during important business decisions.

Working for an employee-owned company like Custom Aire offers many benefits to employees, including:

  • Partial ownership in the company

  • Higher-than-average wages

  • Better benefits than publicly owned firms

  • Investments focused on employee retirement plans

  • Twice the retirement benefits of similar firms without an ESOP

  • Tax exemptions while stock earnings are in the trust, and minimal taxes when cashed in by the recipient

A photo of an open notebook that says “Employee Stock Ownership Plan”

When surveyed, companies that offer ESOPs responded that creating employee ownership opportunities helped improve productivity, increase revenue, and boost employee engagement while narrowing the wealth inequality gap.

All of these factors have been proven true at Custom Aire, as our success depends on the hard work and collaboration of all our employees at every level of experience, in every department. Our employee-owners can get involved in the operations of our company in many ways that align with our core values, such as:

Mechanical contractor at table reviewing paperwork with businessman.

Being an employee-owned company means more team building. It’s about creating a culture that incentivizes employees to invest their time and energy into making our company better because it is their company, too. It also encourages them to feel confident about speaking up about new ideas or areas that matter to them without fear or judgment. 

Custom Aire celebrates the contributions from and dedication of our workforce. We are grateful that our ESOP program is still going strong after a decade, and we encourage anyone skilled in commercial HVAC to view open positions with our company to learn how they, too, can become part of a team that values their success. Visit our Careers page to learn more about our ESOP or to apply to join our team!

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