Three Keys to Effortless HVAC

An HVAC technician performs a maintenance check

At Custom Aire, we are experts in the field of providing proper heating, air conditioning and plumbing to a wide variety of commercial building projects throughout the region, from the greenest building in North Dakota, the University of North Dakota’s Gorecki Alumni Center, to the most inspiring, Choice Health & Fitness . Every project comes with its own set of obstacles, and with them come many different solutions. In spite of this, the key to each project’s success is to maximize efficiency while prioritizing indoor environmental quality. We do this by completely understanding the building or facility’s needs, and those of its future occupants.

It’s important to get the mechanical aspects of a building right from the beginning in order to meet long-term goals and provide a finished product that delivers comfort, sustainability and efficiency. Here are three ways that will help lead to an effortless HVAC system for commercial buildings.

Cost Savings: Proper heating and air conditioning equipment and installation helps lower energy bills. By opting for high efficiency A/C units, heat pumps and custom ductwork, the initial costs of installation will be greatly offset by the long-term savings on utility bills. Our sheet metal fabrication shop benefits our customers by delivering the best possible fit and finish on ductwork, thereby providing maximum airflow to the entire building. Taking advantage of geothermal and solar technology, along with implementing green practices in the day-to-day operations, can take those savings to the next level.

Expert Service: It’s important to remember that it’s not just HVAC equipment that can make or break the success of your commercial building project. Quality professional services offer valuable benefits including maximized efficiency, as well as optimizing environmental excellence with proper maintenance practices. A highly qualified mechanical contractor not only saves money with proper installation, but they are also able to safeguard the equipment with a service contract, providing routine maintenance and helping avoid costly breakdowns that can devastate an annual budget.

At Custom Aire, we take pride in being an employee-owned company with a focus on craftsmanship, performance and integrity that shows in every installation or service we provide.

Healthy Environment: In any commercial building, a top concern should be air quality and the occupants’ comfort. Keeping your building’s HVAC units serviced and working properly will help maintain air quality and a healthy environment. Proper heating and air conditioning will help ensure that those coming and going are comfortable and able to adjust to the building’s temperature. It takes time for people to acclimate to the temperature inside, especially if the outdoor temperature is vastly different! It’s important to remember that indoor environmental quality, such as temperature, humidity and ventilation, can profoundly affect productivity as well as comfort in the workplace.

When undergoing a project such as constructing a large commercial building, retrofitting an existing space, or regular system maintenance, we cannot stress enough that quality should be the number one priority, and that starts with your mechanical contractor! Choose a highly qualified mechanical contractor like Custom Aire, and we assure you that the team working on your commercial building will be experienced, knowledgeable and resourceful, and has a stake in your results.

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