Beyond Labels: Part 4 – Building a Stronger Team Together

Part four of four featuring a generational timeline that includes Veterans, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z.

Today’s workforce faces many challenges that arise from generational differences. However, there are solutions to these challenges – understanding differences, enhancing communication, education – that when accomplished as a team can take a company’s success to new levels. For the fourth and final installment in this series, let’s focus on how everyone can work together as a unit to bring out the best in each generation in order to build the best team possible.

All too often, members of the different generations stereotype each other and can get into the habit of assuming the worst intentions from their peers in other age groups. Each generation thinks they have it figured out, and that it’s the others’ problem – further building generational barriers and creating tension in the workplace. The reality is that it’s the responsibility of each individual to look beyond the labels, ask questions, and work together to figure out how to meet in the middle.

Keeping communication open about the differences between generations is vital to growing stronger as a team. Avoiding differences will only strengthen the generational barrier and (continue to) cultivate a divided workforce. They are present, regardless, so why not talk about and learn from them?

Get generational differences out in the open and encourage discussions that work toward solutions. By looking beyond the labels, we can all actively work toward bringing out the best of each generation to build a stronger team.

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