Beyond Labels: Part 3: Knowledge Is Power

Part three of four featuring a generational timeline that includes Veterans, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z.

Every generation is fundamentally different, and the way in which members of these groups learn is no exception. We’ve touched on how to understand generational differences (Part 1) and the importance of communication (Part 2) when it comes to tearing down generational barriers. Now let’s take a deeper look at the vital role education plays in bringing out the best of each generation.

Learning is a lifelong skill that should continually be used for self-growth and improvement of every generation. An important piece of the education pie is to recognize the different learning styles generations tend to have, in order to best reach each individual’s full potential.

Reading books cover to cover and lecture-style teaching was how Baby Boomers grew up learning. Gen X-ers often learned through lectures as well, but also incorporated small group activities and conducted research by indexing books. The first digital native generation, Millennials often learned by researching on the internet and had a focus on group work. In the workplace, use a combination of these learning styles to provide employees with well-rounded training and help bring out the best of each individual on projects.

It’s common to shy away from the unknown, especially when you’ve been used to doing things a certain way for ages. Be courageous and invested in your career enough to take a chance by embracing the unknown and being open to learning emerging tools and resources. This will help you to not only learn new things, but also gain more context, insight and confidence in using these tools.

All of us can learn from one another, because each individual has something unique to offer the team as a whole. From the vast industry knowledge and experience older generations have to the ever-changing demographic insights and technology trends younger generations tend to be more in-tune with, everyone has the power to strengthen the team by sharing what they know.

Want to further your education on generational differences and how your team can work together to look beyond the labels? Stay tuned for our final installment of this series next week, which will help propel your team to success.

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