5 Ways Maintenance Benefits HVAC Systems

A closeup of an HVAC tech's hands adjusting wires inside a commercial HVAC system.

As a building owner or facility manager, you’ve got a lot of responsibilities on your plate: keeping your occupants’ working environment comfortable and safe, looking for ways to decrease operational costs, and keeping your equipment in good working order.

Lucky for you, there is one thing you can do to help accomplish all of these with one phone call. Let’s look at how preventative maintenance with a trusted HVAC expert can help make your life easier.

Less Unexpected Downtime

HVAC breakdowns can cause all kinds of problems for your building. Whether it’s the dead of winter or dog days of summer when your HVAC system takes a dive the lack of regulated temperature can allow your working environment to hit uncomfortable or even dangerous levels for occupants of your facility.

HVAC technician working on air conditioner.

When you call on your HVAC professional to perform preventative maintenance appointments, they are often able to catch potential issues before they become serious problems for your unit, helping to avoid costly breakdowns. Less downtime, more productivity, happier occupants, and fewer of those emergency repairs that can be so expensive – need we say more?

Equipment Life & Reliability

You take your car in to get an oil change or tune-up to make sure it’s running safely and will last a long time, and the same is true for your HVAC system. Your building’s HVAC unit is a big investment, so ensuring that it runs safe and sound for as long as possible is a must.

Scheduled preventative maintenance with your HVAC service expert is an essential component of making that happen. A little attention here and there will help save you from future system failures that could have been avoided with a routine checkup.

Increased Efficiency

Giving your HVAC system some TLC helps to increase its efficiency, too. When your trusted HVAC expert can get into your unit and spot anything that could potentially be causing your system to work harder than it should be, they can fix the problem to make sure energy is being used as efficiently as possible and avoid those expensive emergency repairs.

Lower Operational Costs

When your system runs optimally, your overall cost to operate the machine will be lower. Because preventative maintenance appointments help to avoid expensive and inconvenient emergency repairs, you can ensure that your unit will last as long as possible and increase energy efficiency; all of these benefits make sure your budget isn’t hit hard.

Optimal Comfort Levels

You want everyone in your building to be happy and healthy while also being comfortable in their working environment. Preventative maintenance can help! When people have space that provides comfortable, consistent heating, cooling, and ventilation, productivity levels actually increase. While it helps to avoid breakdowns and potentially dangerous temperatures, whether frostbite or heatstroke status, proper upkeep on your HVAC unit helps keep your building occupants healthy, happy, and productive. It’s what we call a win-win-win.

Male HVAC service technician on rooftop of commercial building performing preventative maintenance on HVAC equipment.

In addition to these compelling benefits that preventative maintenance can provide you and your building’s HVAC system, another excellent thing about scheduling a routine check with your service expert is that you can do it on your time and customize your service program to perfectly fit the needs of your system, whether you have a small, single unit or a rooftop full of large equipment.

At Custom Aire, we offer Energy Savings Maintenance Agreements that offer flexible services and the frequency of visits you like and provide service to your equipment’s specific needs all with the same high-quality work we provide every job. To learn more or schedule your preventative maintenance appointment today, call us at 701.775.0305.

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