3 Quick Ways to Save Energy this Winter

Frosted glass window

When the temperature drops and we crank up the heat as fast as the snow starts to come down, its time to make sure our commercial buildings are in tip-top shape. Ensuring your building’s HVAC system is energy-efficient enough to handle even the coldest of winter days will also help to keep your utility costs in check. 

Here are Custom Aire’s three quick ways to save energy this winter.

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Check Your Temperature

While we can experience frigid temps here in the Red River Valley through winter, it is important to not overcompensate for the chilly weather by making your office building as hot as can be. To save on energy costs, set your thermostat as low as you are comfortable with. It is also important to set your thermostat back 10-15 degrees when you are either away from your facility to help prevent racking up your bill.

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LED light mounted to the ceiling

Use Efficient Lighting

Efficient lighting can help to reduce your utility costs and increase the level of energy-efficiency in your commercial building. When selecting lights for your office, make sure you purchase LED lights that are ENERGY-STAR qualified brands. Did you know that LEDs use at least 75% less energy, and last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting? This also makes LED lights ideal for your commercial space.

Power button on a computer.

Don’t Forget the Little Things

Energy adds up, especially in the winter when we want to be as comfortable as possible. However, keep in mind there are little things you can do to keep that bill down.

  • Let the sunshine in! Whenever possible, allow natural light in to help boost your level of natural heat in your building.
  • Rearrange office furniture to ensure you are not blocking the air flow from heating vents. You can also avoid positioning desks or work areas by exterior walls to help keep chilly window drafts at bay.
  • Turn off your electronics when you are not using them, like non-essential lights and computers. Don’t forget to put gadgets to sleep when taking breaks and shut them down at the end of the day to also curb energy waste.

Winter can often give us the chills, but with these energy-saving tips and staying conscious about your energy usage, we hope you can warm up to the idea of lower your utility bill and maximizing your energy efficiency.

To learn more about Custom Aire and our energy-efficient tips, contact us today.

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