Safety Series: Proper Lift Operation and Rigging Procedures

Safety in the workplace is vital to many aspects of a company, including the health of all employees, job satisfaction, team empowerment and overall profits. Whether youre an employee, a contractor or a vendor, if youre on company property or jobsites, proper safety procedures are essential to keeping everyone safe. Continue reading “Safety Series: Proper Lift Operation and Rigging Procedures”

Safety and Your HVAC Contractor – 3 Keys to Consider

Why is it important to hire an HVAC contractor, or any contractor for that matter, who is focused on safety? There are many things to keep in mind when searching for the right HVAC contractor, but here are what we feel are the top three. Continue reading “Safety and Your HVAC Contractor – 3 Keys to Consider”

3 Keys to Safe Winter Driving


Winter weather can prove hazardous for drivers, especially in our upper Midwest region which experiences harsh storms complete with heavy snowfall and icy conditions. Safety is of the utmost importance to us at Custom Aire, and with a large portion of our workforce responsible for driving company vehicles, we put a high priority on the safety of our employees to keep them (and other drivers on the road) safe. Here are some tips for safe winter driving and survival that are applicable to anything on wheels, from a company fleet like ours to a solo vehicle.

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