9 Ways ESOPs Benefit Employees

Millions of working Americans are part of ESOPs, and its easy to see why.

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is an employee benefit plan in which company shares are allocated to individual employee accounts. ESOPs put the power in employees hands. The more employees put in, the more beneficial their involvement in an ESOP becomes over time. Continue reading “9 Ways ESOPs Benefit Employees”

Safety Series: Proper Lift Operation and Rigging Procedures

Safety in the workplace is vital to many aspects of a company, including the health of all employees, job satisfaction, team empowerment and overall profits. Whether youre an employee, a contractor or a vendor, if youre on company property or jobsites, proper safety procedures are essential to keeping everyone safe. Continue reading “Safety Series: Proper Lift Operation and Rigging Procedures”

Earn While You Learn: Sheet Metal Apprenticeship Program

The number of higher education options has increased over the years and given people the opportunity to broaden their horizons. Earning a paycheck while you learn a trade is one of the most lucrative ways to develop a career for yourself today. Compared to the expensive and time-consuming process of a 2- or 4-year college degree, apprenticeship programs allow you to see the fruits of your labor immediately as you get paid to learn a skill, offering a systematic approach to training that meets industry standards. Continue reading “Earn While You Learn: Sheet Metal Apprenticeship Program”