LEED Status: What You Need to Know

What is LEED and why should you care? Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, is an internationally recognized rating system for green building projects and practices. Receiving a certification of this status puts projects of any type in the forefront of sustainable and green building efforts. Continue reading “LEED Status: What You Need to Know”

4 Things to Know About Geothermal Energy

An important part of being a local industry leader in mechanical construction is to be environmentally responsible. Geothermal energy is an excellent way to accomplish this and has increasingly become more important on commercial building projects looking to save on energy costs, achieve prestigious LEED statuses and reduce environmental impact. Continue reading “4 Things to Know About Geothermal Energy”

A Healthy HVAC System Made Easy

Falling leaves and a cool breeze tell us chilly weather is on the way – is your commercial HVAC system ready to take on the challenges winter brings? There is little worse than the combination of below-zero temperatures and an HVAC breakdown. Make sure your unit is in tip-top shape to keep cranking out the heat all winter long by getting ahead of the game with preventative maintenance services. Continue reading “A Healthy HVAC System Made Easy”