Are Skilled Trades Right for You?

Careers in Construction Month

Choosing your career is a big decision, one that will (potentially) stick with you for the rest of your working days. This makes it all the more important to explore every option and find something you truly enjoy, while also setting yourself up for a successful career and life after retirement.

Have you looked into ALL of your options and researched opportunities across a variety of industries? Have you considered a career in trades? Did you know by the year 2020 over one million skilled craft professionals will be needed? Job opportunities will be plentiful in trades when the older generations begin to retire and make way for a new crew entering the workforce. But how do you know if the trades are right for you?

It’s Careers in Construction Month! This is the perfect time to check out what the construction industry may have in store for you that you never realized before.

Find Your Favorite Skill

How do you envision your career? Do you see yourself working with your hands every day? Or perhaps you envision working on different sites or even traveling to different cities? Do you enjoy solving problems and seeing a project from start to finish? These traits are all exercised in a wide variety of positions in the construction industry.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Problem-solver
  • Self-starter
  • Like building or assembling things
  • Enjoy working with hands and tools
  • Detail-oriented
  • Eager to learn
  • Like physical activity
  • Team-oriented worker
  • Enjoy repairing or troubleshooting
  • Love working outdoors

Make a list of skills you enjoy and talk to someone such as a guidance counselor, advisor or professional in the industry about how you can best apply them to a career in construction, and explore different trade positions.

Explore Available Programs

Another great way to explore construction industry jobs that might interest you is the variety of local programs that allow you to learn a skill while working. At Custom Aire, we have a Sheet Metal Apprenticeship Program that lets you get hands-on experience with the trade while also earning a paycheck from day one. This is an excellent option for those looking for alternatives to the traditional schooling often required to qualify for a job in the industry, not to mention the great career advancement opportunities upon finishing the program.

Attend a Career Event

Don’t know the first thing about construction but interested to learn more? Or maybe you’re sure you want to work with your hands but don’t know which trade you like best? Wherever you are in your search, attend a career event to expose yourself to all kinds of career paths you will be glad you did it!

These events are an excellent place to explore construction as a career choice, as they provide hands-on demonstrations and the opportunity to speak with people actually doing the job every day. This is an invaluable resource made available to you get the most out of it by diving in hands-first and asking any questions you can think of!

Insider Tip >>> If youre a local area sophomore, mark your calendar for Nov. 1st and attend the Northern Valley Career Expo! Check out the Custom Aire booth in the Construction Zone to test out some cool machinery, talk career opportunities, and enter for a chance to win a prize.

At Custom Aire, were always happy to chat with curious students interested in learning more about the construction industry and how your skills can be put to great use. For more information on career options, job shadowing opportunities, or available programs, or to speak with a representative from our company, contact us today!

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